MS Band

7th and 8th Grade (Middle School) Band:  During the course of the year, 7th and 8th grade students developed advanced performance techniques on their respective instruments.  Students will learn advanced concepts of music notation and reading.  In depth studies of music appreciation and history will contribute to the further development of an aesthetic appreciation of the arts.  Performances will include community concerts, festivals and solo and ensemble events.


Knowledge and Comprehension

Understanding music theory and the notation system, understanding musical themes, form and function, understanding the impact of historical and cultural views through music study



Demonstration of new concepts through performance, continued expression of aesthetic development through creative outlets, improvising performance of musical ideas through solo and ensemble activities


Developing aesthetic considerations through musical studies, forming subjective perspectives of musical works and performers, critiquing performances and works based upon predetermined criteria

Evaluation and Creation

Using feedback and discussion to support creative development, evaluating and assessing work for aesthetic development