HS Choir

High School Choir:  During the course of the year, high school students will begin performance mastery of individual and group vocal techniques.  Students will learn advanced concepts of music notation and reading.  In depth studies of music appreciation and history will contribute to the further development of an aesthetic appreciation of the arts.  Performances will include community concerts, pep events, and festivals.

Knowledge and Comprehension

Understanding music theory and the notation system, knowledge of musical themes, relationships, and complex structures, understanding the association between music and society


Demonstration of new concepts through performance, continued expression of aesthetic development through creative outlets, improvising performance of musical ideas through solo and ensemble activities





Further developing of aesthetic considerations through musical studies, balancing subjective and objective analysis of musical works and performers, critiquing performances and works from an aesthetic and scholarly perspective

Evaluation and Creation      

Engaging with feedback and discussion to support creative development, evaluating and assessing work from a personal aesthetic standpoint